Panasonic Develops Agile I/O to Update Kairos IT/IP With More Input and Output Capacity

Panasonic Agile IOPanasonic announced the development of Agile I/O, a new feature to its KAIROS IT/IP video processing platform to provide AV professionals with additional input and output capacity to create larger and more complex productions. The feature will be available in early 2022 as a free upgrade.

The software upgrade will allow KAIROS to utilize the 100Gb ST 2110 network more efficiently and other KAIROS Core inputs and outputs by better network bandwidth management. This can provide users with additional sources for HD and 4K content and access to more connected sources in the multiview.

The KAIROS next-generation live production platform enables AV professionals to flexibly scale up-and-down deployments for any complexity by supporting broadcasting on numerous devices and feeds, in any source, format, scale, screen and mix. The platform can also perform routing and screen management functions. KAIROS is built with multiple screen layouts to help AV professionals in both live and virtual productions.