Panasonic Adds Live Events and Esports Rooms to AV Digital World Platform

panasonic live events esports rooms

Panasonic added Live Events and Esports rooms to AV Digital World, its next-generation 3D digital platform, designed for visitors to discover and explore its solutions in a whole new way. Alongside corporate and education and TV and broadcast rooms, visitors now have access through their PCs to the live event and esports rooms, where they can see “the total glass-to-glass solutions available for these fast-growing industry sectors and explore and interact with each of the individual products.”

In the digital rooms, visitors can move around the virtual environments to see Panasonic’s latest broadcast and ProAV solutions. These include Kairos, Switchers, Studio cameras, PTZ cameras & controllers, Robotics solutions and the 30.000 lm 3-Chip DLP projector PT-RQ35.

The new esports room shows how Panasonic solutions can bring “the excitement of the fastest growing sport in the world to viewers watching a live stream as well as to those viewing in the stadium or studio.” The live events room focuses on Panasonic’s groundbreaking PTZ camera systems and production controllers currently being used by some of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry to entertain audiences around the world. Visitors can click on an individual product for additional information and a 3D close-up view of the product and its features.

In addition to the new rooms, Panasonic has also added additional visual solutions to its corporate room. These include the latest projectors and collaboration technologies, such as Panasonic’s wireless presentation system PressIT and its camera speakerphone, PressIT360.

Panasonic’s Virtual Demo Rooms will complement AV Digital World — they will enable partners and customers to take control and test Panasonic’s range of ProAV solutions remotely. The first Virtual Demo Rooms will launch later this year.

Panasonic’s AV Digital World is here: