PanaCast 3, With Three 13 Megapixel Cameras, Makes Enterprise Connect Debut

Following the recent news of their acquisition by GN Audio and integration with GN Audio brand Jabra, Altia Systems, announced that they will showcase the new PanaCast 3, the world’s first intelligent panoramic video system with ~40 Megapixels capacity for today’s generation of distributed teams, at Enterprise Connect 2019 in Booth # 23032 at the Gaylord Palms, Orlando, Fla.

PanaCast 3 integrates three 13-megapixel cameras, dual microphones and advanced software to deliver 100 percent video coverage, 100 percent audio capture and 100 percent data sensing.

The camera system easily mounts on top of any digital display or on a wall with available mounting hardware. The USB-C connection allows connection to any compatible device or display for instant setup and mobile meeting capability. PanaCast 3 is compatible with all of today’s leading collaboration software providers, including Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Slack, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, and more.

“From huddle rooms to Fortune 500 board rooms and auditoriums, PanaCast 3 provides the ultimate video collaboration experience to help teams communicate better, build trust and accelerate business,” said Aurangzeb Khan, founder of Altia Systems and new SVP of Jabra Enterprise Solutions.

Together with Jabra, Altia Systems can now deliver the most collaborative conference call experience on the market, combining Jabra’s 150-year expertise in sound with the advanced visual technology that Panacast represents.

“In addition to enhanced video and audio performance, the PanaCast 3 system provides accurate AI data, which is critical for companies to improve participants’ experience autonomously, automate workflows, and generate data lakes of valid information,” said Khan.

Launched at an unprecedented industry price point of (US) $895, the three cameras are working as one via the PanaCast Vision Processor to capture the entire room in video. Moreover, the camera includes a digital signal processor and two omnidirectional microphones with 40 percent better separation for enhanced audio and an advanced multi-sensor AI array that has built-in capabilities to detect people PanaCast 3 lets users include all team members in their conversations and utilize every seat in their rooms or collaboration spaces, with lossless zoom up to 6x and real-time video stitching just 18 inches from the camera.

According to Jeff Joseph, Global AV Lead at Indeed, “We made the switch from an environment with limited-degree cameras where most participants in the room couldn’t be seen to an environment with PanaCast, where everyone can easily be seen and heard on every call. This has really affected the way that we communicate. With PanaCast cameras, we’re able to more effectively communicate, which in turn has had a positive impact on the way that we do business. It’s a good feeling to be able to see everyone in the room.”

Unprecedented performance

Representing an outstanding value, PanaCast 3 is the company’s first model to come standard with Intelligent Zoom, which autonomously adjusts the field of view to include everyone in the conversation and the PanaCast API, which enables developers and partners to query the system for real-time information, such as people count data. PanaCast Vivid, which maximizes video performance from rooms with widely varying light conditions, will also be delivered at no additional cost for PanaCast 3 customers in an upcoming release. Intelligent Zoom, PanaCast Vivid and PanaCast API are part of PanaCast’s Intelligent Vision 2.0 suite of edge AI software products for the PanaCast line of camera systems.

“PanaCast 3’s leading-edge cameras, fourth-generation stitching technology and Intelligent Vision software work as one to ensure optimal performance, “ said Yashket Gupta, director of engineering for Camera Systems Development. “Now any room, no matter the size or number of participants, can be used to video conference with wall-to-wall coverage in Panoramic-4K video.”

In addition to the real-time video enhancing features of Intelligent Vision, PanaCast 3’s built-in people detection technologies enable system-wide data analytics by capturing accurate usage and occupancy information that can be used to automate workflows. “As AV and IT become more and more integrated, the need for accurate data and metrics increases,” Khan added. “Our customers value the fact that — in addition to top-tier video and audio – we uniquely provide wall-to-wall data coverage, making PanaCast the ideal device for modern video communications.”
As more and more companies around the world are adopting service-led solutions such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, Jabra together with PanaCast has the ambition to take the lead in the market for integrated sound and video communication solutions. This will help drive business productivity and reduce business cost by offering a conference call experience that will be just as good as being there in person. Read more here.

More than 1,600 companies have already chosen PanaCast as their video collaboration technology solution, including Uber, which last year deployed more than 850 PanaCast cameras in huddle rooms and conference rooms to connect employees in hundreds of offices around the world. See here for more information.

The Panacast 3 Camera is here.

Check out video of the award winning Panacast 3 Camera from ISE 2019 below: