phpsHsZ1RAMHayward, CA – Pakedge Device & Software, Inc., an industry leading manufacturer of high performance end-to-end networking platforms for residential and commercial A/V applications, has introduced three new lines of switches – fully managed, top tier SX-Series switches; powerful and affordable SK-Series switches; and straightforward, no nonsense SE-Series switches. The switches featured innovative new Zone features, intuitive new GUIs, sleek new housing, and will be available next quarter.

All new top-tier SX-Switches with Pakedge Zone Wizard

The SX-Series switches will feature a simple to use graphical user interface (GUI). The new fully managed GUI is intuitive and clear, allowing easy traffic management and dynamic configuration which will help to effectively manage large volumes of streaming traffic and deliver exceptional power, functionality, and security.  In addition to the new GUI, the SX-Switches have two new features – the Zone Wizard with drag and drop functionality simplifies Zone configuration and optimizes network performance while the Pakedge Zone templates reduce set-up time while minimizing configuration errors. The SX-Switches will be ideal for smart installers who want to manage robust AV network traffic more effectively.

Preview video of SX-Switch Zone Wizard

“The new and improved GUI with set up Wizard and Pakedge Zone templates is so incredibly user friendly that, in the time it would take you to brew a pot of tea,  you could finish configuring a network. Installers can increase profits and reduce headaches by using this innovative interface,” said Benson Chan, Vice President of Business Development at Pakedge.

Engineered with a state-of-the-art chipset, these switches are optimized for dynamic application whether A/V residential or commercial and excel in powerful, multimedia traffic processing. Pakedge SX-Switches have greater processing power and throughput capacity than comparable managed switches on the A/V market.  This quality engineering combined with the all new user-friendly GUI means that installers can set up robust networks without all the hassle.

SX-Switches are available in front and rear-facing luxury housings, perfectly suited for mounting alongside high end A/V equipment. They also feature a variety of PoE and PoE+ port configurations to allow complete versatility in installation. Pakedge SX-Switches are also compatible with the BakPak Cloud Monitoring System for remote system monitoring, alerts, and power control (on PoE-enabled switches). Virtual stacking with BakPak allows the user to manage multiple switches as one, regardless of geographic location.

Pakedge SX-Switches are the next level progression of the company’s X-Series range that offers top-of-the-line networking equipment with unprecedented performance, functionality, and flexibility. With powerful capabilities and long-lasting reliability, the Pakedge SX-Series meets the most demanding needs of high bandwidth, low latency applications commonly found in high performance residential A/V and commercial networks. When used in conjunction with high performance Pakedge routers and access points, the network becomes an integrated platform that provides a seamless, scalable and reliable connected experience.

Powerful, Affordable SK-Switches

Pakedge’s SK-Switches feature a redesigned GUI making it easier for installers and integrators to access the menus they need. The new GUI is clean and uncomplicated. Encased in all new sleek, luxury housing with curved edges and a brushed aluminium face plate, the SK-Switches contain enterprise grade chip-sets nearly as powerful as the high-end SX-Switches. The SK-Switches are powerful, yet affordable, providing seamless, reliable managed connections ideal for smaller mid-sized networks.

Straightforward, No Nonsense SE-Switches

For straightforward jobs, the SE-Switch series is a no nonsense device. SE-Switches are ideal for smaller unmanaged plug and play networks or can be added to larger managed networks for added versatility and extra port space. SE-Switches are great multipurpose devices for low-maintenance networks. Their multiple port configurations and PoE and PoE+ options make them ideal for a number of jobs throughout the network.

The SE-series also includes Pakedge PoE passthrough switches such as the SE-5P2-EP – switches powered by a single PoE+ input and able to provide two ports of PoE power without access to A/C power. These switches are ideal for use in retrofit installations such as attics and basements where wall outlets may be hard to come by. Without A/C power, the PoE passthrough switch can power up to two devices such as wireless access points or IP cameras – enabling flexible setup in even difficult installations without costly and time-consuming rewiring.

Pakedge Connect+

All three lines of switches are part of the Pakedge Connect+ Platform – A carefully integrated system of switches, routers, wireless, power management and software technologies, designed specifically to work with each other to deliver seamless, scalable, and reliable multimedia networking performance. When unified with the BakPak Cloud Management System, the functionality of the Pakedge Connect+ Platform is extended with cloud-enabled services such as monitoring and management of all connected devices anywhere, any time, and from any device.

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