Pakedge WA-2200 Wave 2 Debuts from Control4

Control4 today announced the new Pakedge WA-2200  Wave 2 Access Point with BakPak Lite. With BakPak cloud configuration, the new WA-2200 supports both traditional setup through its local user interface as well as remote management and monitoring (RMM), affording a seamless solution for faster and easier access point installation and configuration. With auto-discovery of additional access points on the network, the WA-2200 streamlines registration and enables quick setup for multi-access point systems.

Secure-by-design, new security requirements safeguard customers by ensuring the access point is never left with a “default” username and password. Built-in RF scan, device monitoring and analytics for fine-tuning and monitoring the network maximize peak performance for every connected device in the system.

Control 4 says the WA-2200 is the smallest Pakedge access point available. The Pakedge WA-2200 is shipping today. WA-2200 (ceiling-mount)/ WA-2200-C (in-ceiling-mount) list for $460/$590, respectively, and it’s here.