Pakedge Debuts R10 Gateways

pakedge-r10_1-1013Pakedge Device & Software’s newest product is the R10U and R10 pre-configured gateway appliances, designed for the custom-installation, smart networking and security system segments of larger residential and commercial networks. Both gateways come preconfigured and provide 16 LAN switch ports on the front and are configured with eight VLANs with Pakedge’s data management protocol called “TruStream.”

The R10U and R10 are identical except the R10U incorporates Pakedge’s UTM Unified Threat Management parental website controls and system antivirus protection. UTM provides an extremely high level of protection by blocking viruses, questionable websites and other unwanted content at the gateway before it can get past the firewall. Offering three levels of user access, UTM blocks unwanted website groups for the entire home and blocks selected devices from questionable websites. The R10 also includes a host of effective security features including parental website control. For both models, security scanning is done within hardware (ASIC) rather than software, which results in increased network speed.

Designed for use with streaming media and devices like streaming high-definition IP cameras, HDMI over IP transmitters and high-throughput wireless access devices, both models also feature WAN, USB management, console and DMZ ports. The DMZ port allows for easy connection of web servers, FTP servers or gaming consoles without additional configuration and provides an extra level of security to a LAN or WAN. The USB port enables easy connection to the gateway’s GUI (graphical user interface) without having to know the router’s IP address.

The iU rack mountable R10 is here.