Our Debut rAVe Discovery: Arcade-Like Light Switches

ravediscovery wallplate 0112

ravediscovery-wallplate-0112rAVe Discovery – This is a new regular feature section of rAVe [Publications] where we help you discover something AV related — maybe a new product, a new technology or new people — movers and shakers of AV’s future. Whatever we choose to highlight, it’ll be something that you haven’t seen before…

There’s a couple in Carmichael, Calif. who doesn’t even know they’re about to be featured in today’s rAVe as we tell you about their hand-made (but high quality) product we found. They’re names are Meghan and Alyson and they own a company called Aleph Design. They make all kinds of cool things, but the coolest, in our humble opinion, is a light switch that harkens back to the days of Ms. Pac Man and Astroids, when bright lego-colored switches adorned any and all pinball machines and arcade games.

And, they’ll custom make it for you with any color plate or switch. Check it out yourself at: http://www.etsy.com/listing/74059377/working-arcade-light-switch-3-4-week?show_panel=true