OSD Black Drops TreVoce Powered Subwoofers Ahead of CEDIA Expo

OSD Black just introduced two powered stand-alone subwoofers, the 800-watt TreVoce 12 and the 500-watt TreVoce, which are aimed at in-home theaters, media rooms and high-end listening spaces. Designed for the custom integration market, these stand-alone subwoofers include an active woofer and two symmetrically-built passive woofers. According to OSD, the active subwoofer is self-contained and uses the sub’s amplifier to reproduce sound, while the two passive subwoofers enhance the SPL for an all-encompassing bass experience that defies the small footprint.

The TreVoce 12 includes a 12″ active woofer and two 12″ passive subwoofers. Specified at 800 watts of power, the TreVoce 12 incorporates digital amplifier technology that OSD says generates very little heat and consumes less than 0.5 Watts in standby. The TreVoce 10 includes the same features with a 10″ active woofer and two 10″ passive subwoofers. Both the TreVoce 12 and TreVoce 10 include 24K gold-plated inputs.

You can see all the detailed specs here and you can see a demo of it in this video from CEDIA 2019: