Origin Acoustics Launches New ThinFit Loudspeakers

oa-thinwall-0115The team that invented the in-wall loudspeaker (at SpeakerCraft) have a new company, Origin Acoustics, and they’ve announced the release of three models in their ThinFit Collection. Designed specifically for installations with limited depth requirements, all three models feature an integrated back-can with a mere 70mm depth.

The TF34 and TF36 share a similar driver configuration. Dual 88mm woofers and dual 88mm midwoofers surround a 20mm tweeter. The TF34 feature Injection Molded Graphite (IMG) woofers and midwoofers with an aluminum tweeter. The TF36 steps up to Glass Fiber woofers and a silk-dome tweeter. Both are mounted on an injection-molded baffle that integrates into the steel back-can creating a ported enclosure.

The TF64DT features a 17cm dual voice-coil, IMG woofer and two 20mm aluminum tweeters. These are also mounted on an injection-molded baffle, which attaches to a steel back-can creating a sealed enclosure. The dual-tweeter design allows both left and right channels to be produced from a single speaker. All three models use the same bezel-less magnetic grille assembly found on the Director D80 series.

The acoustic dampening enclosures are fully integrated with the woofers to create a superior sonic result.  Origin says the enclosures also cut down on room-to-room sound transfer by up to 9 dB.

The ThinFit Collection will begin shipping in April 2015 and you can see all the detailed specs here.