Origin Acoustics Releases New Performance Subwoofers

origin acoustics subwoofers

Origin Acoustics announced its new Performance Subwoofers with the release of three new models of floor-standing powered subwoofers.

The new collection features coated paper woofers, high-powered digital amplifiers and a lightly textured and brushed finish. These new subwoofers deliver more volume, lower frequencies — and it all fits in a small-sized cabinet. This collection benefits from an additional down-firing passive radiator, which provides extended bass frequencies and volume with no extra power consumption.

All Performance Subwoofers feature a premium line grain finish — these are the only subwoofers in this category that have this new finish option. (It’s a hybrid wrap with a tactile finish.)

Available in 8, 10, and 12-inch configurations, these models will be available from Origin Acoustics in March of 2020. Here they are.