Origin Acoustics New Seasons Bollard Outdoor Loudspeaker Debuts

Origin Acoustics just launched the Seasons Bollard loudspeaker at CEDIA Expo. The Bollard tackles the challenge of producing bass response from individual outdoor speakers in a very attractive aesthetic. While large subwoofers are often buried in the ground the requirement to have the sub somewhat close to the mid/high frequency satellites can cause some design challenges.

Each Bollard has its own 6 ½-inch sub in the base of each enclosure. Burying the small sub base in the ground, the larger portion of the enclosure is hidden from sight. The upper structure is a round enclosure design and houses the 4-inch mid/high frequency transducer 18-inches above the ground.

The mid/high frequency driver is down firing and reflects off of an acoustic lens that can be omnidirectional or limited to 180 degrees. These configuration options allow for substantial flexibility in system design and layout. The result is a round or square aesthetic structure extending out of the ground approximately 18-inches. The sub is ported out of the same opening as the mid/tweeter.

A 70v transformer with 30-watt, 50-watt and an 8Ω tap makes the speaker a perfect choice regardless of the size and number of speakers needed. DSP settings for the Bollard, in the Origin DSP3-700 amplifier.

The Bollard is available in three finishes, brushed aluminum, bronze or ash black and will be shipping in the first quarter of 2019 for $1,750. Here are all the specs.