Origin Acoustics Evolves at CEDIA Expo 2022

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Origin Acoustics, the well-known manufacturer of architectural speakers, is showing how they have EVOLVED since their inception in 2014.  While the brand’s heritage dates back to the first architectural speaker manufacturer, the Origin brand has only been around for 8 years and is now one of the top brands used by today’s custom installers
Our industry has seen many companies get acquired by larger brands, meanwhile Origin has increased their offerings by putting together a curated approach, which includes building strategic partnerships with some of the world’s biggest brands and category leaders. Announced back in 2017, the first brand partnership was announced with Bang & Olufsen, a recognized world leader in high design high performance audio for nearly 100 years, with worldwide sales approaching $1 billion dollars. This partnership started with the development of a co-branded line of architectural speakers designed and built by Origin Acoustics, which was then sold by both Origin and Bang & Olufsen worldwide through each company’s respective sales channels.
Just announced prior to CEDIA, Origin Acoustics announced how their relationship with Bang & Olufsen has evolved by becoming the North American Brand Manager and Master Distributor. Origin is now responsible for expanding the Bang & Olufsen CTI program, Custom Technology Installers, by bringing on new resellers to grow the Bang & Olufsen presence in the US. Together, they will be making a special new product announcement at CEDIA, which you can learn more about by visiting either of their booths.
Over the past 8 years, Origin has continued their curation approach by partnering with companies such as Audio Control, Artnovion, Amina Sound, Crestron, and most recently Austere and Flush Mount. In addition, they acquired Ambisonic, a high-performance line of outdoor and commercial speakers, from Jeffrey James Coombs, best known as the founder of James Audio. Each partnership has its own special value, but what they all have in common is a focus on performance, design, and being some of the industry’s finest brands.
This curation approach of partnering with companies is different compared to the traditional acquisition model we see today. When companies are acquired, often the people who built those brands leave, and the soul of the company goes with them. With Origins strategic partnerships, the businesses continue to operate as they have, but now with a network of partners that bring added value to each other.
But that’s only part of the evolution. With Origin Acoustics rapid growth, their product line has evolved immensely, with an increased focus on design.  Recognizing that the interior designer, architect, and builder are all playing a major role in influencing today’s home buyer, they have developed what they call design centric technology solutions. The latest product releases showcasing their design philosophy are with their Minimal Opening System line of products, which provides incredible sound from a 4” opening that blend in with today’s high design lighting fixtures. Other products, such as the Bollard outdoor speakers and new line of sound bars, with their patented InstaWidth design to match most TV’s on the market. Every year, hundreds of customers experience the full-line of Origin Acoustics products, and their partners, on display at their Las Vegas Design Center, which also includes an Experience and Training Center for Bang & Olufsen, and later this year a Crestron Experience Center as well.
So why are so many companies partnering with Origin Acoustics? Since their inception, they have approached business with authenticity and true concern for their customers. While they have engineered and designed great performing products, they understand that people want to do business with people like them who understand their needs and challenges. The outcome is creating one of the most loyal customer followings in the industry.  This level of personal concern, collaboration, and business acumen has been recognized by other manufacturers who appreciate the quality relationships Origin has with its customers and business partners
While Origin may evolve into a larger and more design centric organization, they still stay true to their authenticity, focus on customer experience, and build relationships that transcend just a transaction. Through additional strategic partnerships and acquisitions, they feel they will continue to be recognized as one of the most influential brands in our industry, with hopes of continuing to provide their loyal customers with the best solutions and greatest support.
Come by Booth 16069 if you’d like to learn more about the latest products and partnerships, they are announcing at CEDIA 2022.