Origin Acoustics — Worldwide Distributor for Ambisonic Systems Products — Tapped to be Exclusive Distributor for Ambisonic’s New Loudspeaker

ambisonic systems lsr6

Origin Acoustics is now the exclusive source (and worldwide distributor) for a particular product in the custom integration realm: the Ambisonic Systems Landscape Ribbon Six. Created by speaker designer Jeff Coombs and his team, the loudspeaker is the next iteration in Ambisonic’s line of audiophile pro-luxury speakers. Origin Acoustics has also, in fact, partnered to become the worldwide distributor of all Ambisonic Systems products.

The landscape loudspeaker includes a weatherized high-dispersion ribbon tweeter. According to Ambisonic Systems, the LSR6’s 2.7-inch magnetic planar tweeter uses the same exotic materials selected by scientists for space travel. A neodymium glass fiber driver gives the mid-range clarity, and any of the matching Ambisonic Subwoofers fill out the low-end with concert level depth and loudness.

The Landscape Ribbon Six is now available from Origin Acoustics along with the full line of Ambisonic Systems’ loudspeakers. Its combined portfolio includes a range of outdoor audio solutions: custom outdoor sound bars, weatherized line-arrays and triple-bandpass burial subwoofers — all available to Origin Acoustics customers.