Origin Acoustics Debuts Commercial Loudspeaker Collection at CEDIA

CEDIA 2019, Denver, CO – September 7, 2019  Origin Acoustics, the leading manufacturer of architectural audio, is proud to present their complete commercial loudspeaker collection. After the amazing success of their of residential architectural loudspeakers, they’ve taken the same feature rich product ethos towards the commercial installation market.

Three categories make up the collection, in-ceiling, pendant, and surface mount. Each of the three categories come with similar woofer and tweeter compliments. With polypropylene woofer sizes of five, six-and-a-half, and eight-inch, each model is sonically matched by their Dual Plain Stabilized Diaphragms (DPSDTM) tweeters. Exclusive to Origin Acoustics, this tweeter is a precisely pinned silk dome that extends to a lower register without distortion. This allows the woofer to be more efficient and increases overall fidelity.

The all three styles are UL 1480 listed, this means they are suitable for installation into a commercial environment. The ceiling models feature a steel back can, front facing bass increasing reflex ports, a premium 70v transformer with 8-ohm bypass, and optional white or black paintable grilles. There is a stand-alone eight-inch subwoofer also available.

The pendants include unique cylindrical styling for two reasons. To bring them in line with modern light fixtures and to add a bass-increasing passive radiator to the rear. This in turn has allowed a decrease in the overall size of the enclosure while improving low-end response. The pendant series also features an eight-inch subwoofer.

Origin has also released a pendant shell which converts any of six or eight-inch woofer models of their award-winning Director Collection loudspeakers to 70v. This allows for unprecedented scale in pricing for commercial installations. All the pendants are UL 1480 & UL 2239 listed, except the shell which only holds the latter.

The final series in this collection is the surface mounted, on-wall product. Featuring the same tap, diver, and tweeter compliments, these models feature a completely new patent-pending mounting system which allows for quick installation as well as two-axis positioning of the loudspeaker without changing the overall alignment of the loudspeaker.

Overall the three models round out a complete commercial collection ready for installation into any professional environment that requires premium audio quality and a modern aesthetic design.