Origin Acoustics at CEDIA Expo 2022 — Partnerships, Products and More

origin acoustics evolved cedia expo 2022

For my first CEDIA Expo 2022 press conference, I attended one for Origin Acoustics — the company has been quite busy this year, especially ahead of CEDIA Expo — I feel as though I’ve received news from them almost every day for the past few weeks.

As it turns out, the company has had a few tricks up its sleeve: from new products to some new key partnerships, Gordon Isaac, chief marketing and strategy officer for the company, said the company is really showcasing how much it has evolved (since its inception in 2014) at this year’s CEDIA Expo.

“We’re disrupters,” he said. “We’re different.”

But what does that mean?

For Origin, a lot of it has been in developing the right partnerships to bridge the gap between integration and design. A few of those new partnerships (in a few different capacities) include Austere, Velodyne, Bang & Olufson and even Crestron and Monster (yes, the energy drink company. 2008 Steph is absolutely quaking.)

While these partnerships are helping Origin do things like expand into the commercial market (useful timing, as the resimercial lineup at CEDIA Expo is only continuing to grow), Origin says it’s also helping them strategize and serve their customers as best they can.

“There are a lot of square, round, small speakers [on the market],” said Nick Berry, CEO of Origin Acoustics. “The design community needs to not hear about another round speaker or square speaker.”

However, everyone at Origin stressed they were not trying to become a distributor — rather, the market strategy is instead to bring dealers closer together.

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