Optoma Enters Digital Signage Market with Media Player

optomads 0509

optomads_0509Here’s a “new player” from a “new player.” Optoma wants their share of digital signage: their new SignShow range begins with the release of a media player and 7” POP display panel. The Optoma SignShow D5000 is an HD media player for powering a standalone or networked digital signage installation. The player can output a total combination of up to seven zones to the same display panel with output resolutions from VGA up to 1080p, it can also deliver content to all networked screens.

SignShow Creator Software for Windows, included as part of the offering, can design, preview, publish and manage the schedule signage content and messaging. Full LAN network capability also means the media player can be controlled, configured and managed remotely.

The Optoma SignShow 7POP is a 7” display panel with built-in speakers, offering a way to promote products at the point of purchase. The 7” POP comes bundled with the SignShow General Layout Editor (GLE) software (runs on Windows).

To read more about the SignShow, go to:  http://www.optoma.co.uk/dsrange.aspx