Optoma Adds 4K Voice-Assistant Compatible Projector and Portable HD Projectors

Optoma today launched a series of projectors: the UHL55, LH150, LV130 and ML1050ST. The Optoma UHL55 is integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, an integrated Android OS and 4K UHD HDR media player.

In addition to its voice innovation, the UHL55 also features auto focus and auto keystone correction and includes NuForce stereo audio. The projector offers an integrated Android OS with a growing list of Smart TV apps, including Netflix, Youtube TV, Spotify, BBC News and others, as well as the Optoma Marketplace app store for easy access to Internet streaming services and additional entertainment options. The Optoma UHL55 is being offered at $1,499.

Like the Optoma UHL55, the Optoma LH150 and LV130 include:

  • Optoma LH150 is a 1,300 lumen 1080p LED projector. Powered by a 12,000 mAH battery, the Optoma LH150 delivers up to 2.5 hours of viewing time, and its RGB LED light source provides up to 30,000 hours. It lists for $899.
  • Optoma LV130 is an ultra portable 300 lumen WVGA projector with a 6,700 mAH battery, HDMI and MHL 2.2 inputs and lists for $279.
  • Optoma ML1050ST is an ultra compact 1,000 lumen short throw WXGA projector that lists for $649.

The Optoma UHL55, LH150, LV130 and ML1050ST are currently available and here are the details.

Along with its new compact projectors, Optoma is also launching two new high definition 1080p projectors. The Optoma HD27HDR is a 3,400 lumen 1080p HDR home theater projector that accepts 4K and 1080p HDR signals and features an enhanced gaming mode, reducing input lag to 16ms for lightning-fast responses when connected to the latest HDR-ready gaming consoles and PCs. The Optoma GT5600 is a 3,600 lumen ultra short throw projector that features a 0.25:1 throw ratio. The Optoma HD27HDR features vertical keystone correction and a 1.1x zoom, and the Optoma GT5600 offers four corner geometry correction for easy placement and projection onto virtually any surface. The Optoma GT5600 and HD27HDR are now available and list for $1099 and $649, respectively.

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Optoma’s entire line is here.