OneVision Resources Introduces Integrator Service Desk to Help Home Technologists Build and Manage a Service-based Business Model

onevision-resources-squarelogo-1461230552349Boston, MA & Dallas, TX, (Sept. 8 2016) — OneVision Resources, a leading provider of smart home support services, has enhanced its business model to partner with home technology professionals to provide a turnkey, white-label service desk focused on providing high-quality support to technology users. OneVision Resources will showcase its offering during CEDIA in booth #5712.

Ten years in the making, OneVision Resources launched its flagship offering, Integrator Service Desk (ISD), earlier this year, generating an immediately positive response from the industry. Through ISD, OneVision partners with home technologists with existing client relationships, providing high-quality, 24/7 support and service to those clients, and enabling the technologist to, ultimately, build recurring monthly revenue through service contracts.

Instant Triage© Provides an Exceptional Level of Support and Service
Integrator Service Desk is built on the concept of Instant Triage©, which ensures successful post-purchase interactions by providing always available, emotionally intelligent, and knowledgeable support.

Triage by itself is the process of documenting the symptoms of any given service request, asking the right questions to diagnose the problem, and assessing the urgency of the situation. Basic support includes suggesting any number of quick fixes or workarounds to help the client get past the immediate issue. Instant Triage© is a two-step process that OneVision uses to create incredible technology experiences by combining the art of triage with the science of troubleshooting.

OneVision founder Joseph Kolchinsky was first introduced to the concept as a teenager, when he worked as a technology concierge for a wealthy client. In this role, he focused on three principles: Respond instantly, be available 24/7, and keep things simple. These principles formed the basis on which OneVision was founded, and remain crucial today as the Internet of Things becomes part of people’s personal and professional lives.

“As technology becomes a tremendous part of people’s lives, people have the expectation for technology to simply work, all the time. The professional who can support that experience best will become the highest-valued professional in the home,” explains Kolchinsky. “OneVision Resources and our white-label service offering, Integrator Service Desk, places the home technologist in that role. OneVision’s team of support personnel do the work on our partners’ behalf, while home technologists continue to focus on building and maintaining their in-person, ongoing relationships with their customers.”

Deploying the Right Tools for Monitoring and Management

Implementing technology monitoring and management tools like Ihiji Invision, OneVision can proactively detect problems with network-connected devices and the network itself, often times solving the issue before the client ever notices. In most cases, the technology partner doesn’t need to get involved, either. In addition, OneVision helps its partners drive growth in recurring revenue by marketing, selling, and managing service plans on their behalf.

As former integrators with a decade of experience in smart home design and integration, OneVision is able to provide an unparalleled experience for both the end-user and the technologist by provides high-quality, quick-response, white-label monitoring and end-user support.

Visit CEDIA booth #5712 to learn more about OneVision Resources and Integrator Service Desk.