OneVision Intros New Version of ProVision Ticketing App


OneVision introduces a new version of its ProVision Ticketing App — a solution designed to give front-line service teams easy access to the tools and information they need. Redesigned from the ground up, the ProVision Ticketing App has new features, a streamlined user interface and improved performance. The ProVision Ticketing App is an extension of OneVision’s standalone ProVision software, which acts as a central hub for managing service operations. The new and improved ProVision Ticketing App further compliments OneVision’s award-winning service and RMR generation platform.

ProVision Ticketing App includes:

  • User details: contact methods, current service level, terms-of-service acceptance status, and more.
  • Project details: current stage and important dates such as completion and warranty start/expiration.
  • Site documentation: Simple forms to view and update system information to assist in the troubleshooting process.
  • Share a Client Self-Service Portal: Direct clients to the ​​Client Activation Flow, an online portal where they can accept the terms of service, browse service plan options, receive recommendations, book a consultation and activate a service plan.
  • Send marketing emails: Launch a templated email to clients educating them about their service options, including premium plans.
  • Request follow-up from membership sales: Quickly flag conversion opportunities for later follow up by OneVision’s dedicated team of membership sales professionals.
  • Initiate Ticket Reviews: Instantly request a quality assurance review of a service incident, providing feedback and opportunities for continuous improvement of the service operation.