OneScreen Adds Canadian Office in Ontario

San Diego-based OneScreen has been selling flat panel interactive displays throughout Canada with a select group of resellers on a case-by-case basis. Now the company is opening a new office space in Ontario and starting up a new initiative headed by Lincoln Vaz.

“We are delighted to bring Lincoln Vaz on board as OneScreen’s Country Manager for Canada,” said OneScreen CEO Sufian Munir. “Lincoln’s 25 plus years of experience in the interactive flat panel market will help more people work together across greater distances. He combines an intuitive connection to the unmet needs among Canadian buyers with a deep understanding of the science that makes our collaboration hardware and software possible.”

The global demand for interactive flat panels, both in the educational sector and in corporate conference rooms, has spiked over the past few years. In 2018, global interactive flat panel sales increased 39 percent, according to technology consulting firm Futuresource. The market will be worth almost $14 billion by 2024 and continue growing at 7.2 percent. As the market has expanded, the U.S. and Canada have become the leading region for sales of interactive display hardware and applications.

“For me, working in Canada with home court advantage, on a suite of technologies and software that are far beyond anything I’ve seen, that’s just a golden opportunity,” Lincoln Vaz stated about his new position heading the OneScreen Canada office. “I’ve built brands all over Canada but this is a brand that will empower our customers to connect, communicate and collaborate with ease. As an engineer, I can immediately see how much hard work and ingenuity went into the crafting of these interactive plat panels and I know that for the average buyer out there, the flat screens will feel like industrial magic.”

OneScreen is people-centric technology that was created and is continually evolving, with the end-users needs as a primary focus. The walk-up-and-work ease of use and simple integration with existing collaboration technology has yet to be readily available for organizations in Canada.

An exciting component of the OneScreen offering for Canadians is the Screen Skills Guru service, which offers both resellers and customers the unlimited, free training and support necessary to weave the technology into the fabric of their daily work lives.

The OneScreen Canada office will be located in Guelph, Ontario and is now officially open.

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