One Thing Leads To Another

apple tv 4k

If you know me, you know that my favorite aphorism is “every solution has two problems.” As it happens, I seem to have an occasion to say it almost every single day.

I had written not too long ago about having added Disney+ to the streaming services we subscribe to. But there’s a whole other story that goes along with that.

So I signed up for Disney+ and everyone loaded the app on to their devices and that was that.

Except that not too much later my oldest asked me why Disney+ wasn’t on the Apple TV.

So I took a look, checked the settings etc. and sure enough, it wasn’t there.

I googled it and the answer was simple: we still had a first-generation Apple TV box and the Disney+ app requires the Apple TV 4K.

That’s a problem that was easy enough to fix. I hadn’t upgraded the Apple TV box along the way because there was no compelling reason to.

Now? Having both Disney+ and a 4K Samsung TV, those are two decent reasons to upgrade.

I guess the corollary to “every solution has two problems” is that “one thing leads to another.”