On Leadership and Those Who Transcend

Something took place this past weekend which was tough to deal with, not just for me but for a team as well – and that is that a key member of our AV Power Up team has announced that he is leaving the show. Now while some may not feel that this is a big deal, for myself as well as the team that does the show it is of major impact. I did say team – as we all work as one, no one above anyone else. While I am the producer of the show – we are all contributors and just as important as the other. The show doesn’t tick without everyone and while not every member can make it for every show, we still put it together with the best possible collaboration each time.



Leaders. They do this in numerous ways – however for the most part when someone leads he or she does it by example. They put in the long hours to as they say “make it happen,” they stand out in the forefront and speak their mind and deliver what the industry needs to move forward. These are the true leaders, those who truly help to invoke change for the better. It’s their intended goal through such leadership.

Contribute. Support. #GrowForward.

More to come this week on AV Power Up.


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