Oh Search Terms, How do I Love Thee? Let Me Google the Ways.

I love Googling.

And by “Googling” – I mean internet search. You know this. Whether you use Yahoo!, Bing, whatever… it’s all the same. It’s Googling.

I also love Google analytics. For my personal blog I’ve been using Google analytics for a while and one of my favorite things to do is look and see what search terms people use to make their way to my measly blog.

A friend of mine once made fun of all the tags I would use in each blog post – if I mentioned something in a post, you canguaran-dang-tee that I would tag it. And because of this, I get some WEIRD search terms that refer people to my site.

There are a couple points to this post:

1. I thought it would be fun to share some of those terms

2. There’s a marketing lesson here – SEO (search engine optimization) is a science, sure… but the use of creative keywords, tags, and metatags can go a LONG way as far as gaining traffic to your blog / site / product whatever.

Seriously. If you own a website of ANY kind (again: blog, business site, product site, whatever) – try getting creative with your use of tags and keywords. For serious.

Okay, now onto the fun stuff.

Here are the TOP 10 (really in no particular order… just 10, really) search terms that people used to find my measly personal blog in 2011:

  1. brobdingnagian three times fast
  2. giant cow chard
  3. is michael phelps socially awkward
  4. metal bandits and gnomes
  5. selsun blue kenya
  6. what is bad about a snuggie for dogs
  7. black licorice molly buckley
  8. i got the booty virus
  9. camel beauty contest
  10. dora the explorer tween piracy

Yep. Those search terms happened. And my blog is what they found.

LOVE it.

Do you use analytics? What funny search terms have been used to get to your site? Share them below!