It’s Official: Bose Enters Audioconferencing Market with ControlSpace EX

Bose Professional just launched themselves into a new market with the new ControlSpace EX audio conferencing system. The system includes the new ControlSpace EX-1280C conferencing signal processor and three new Dante-based ControlSpace under-table endpoints (EX-4ML, EX-8ML and EX-UH). Bose says it was designed with input from integrators and thus, the system features connectivity for various types of audio conferencing, including USB, VoIP, PSTN, analog and phone headset audio.

The ControlSpace EX-1280C processor features:

  • Advanced AEC: 12 routable acoustic echo cancellers (AEC) with adaptable noise cancellation, non-       linear processing and comfort noise to enhance the clarity and intelligibility of the meeting; multiple AEC references support multiple rooms and zones
  • Dante audio networking: 64×64 Dante audio networking for digital audio connectivity with any     Dante-based product, including newer conferencing microphones
  • All-in-one connectivity: 12 mic/line analog inputs, eight analog outputs, eight Bose AmpLink digital        outputs, USB (stereo in/out), VoIP (2 lines) and PSTN.
  • Open-architecture signal processing: provides the flexibility needed for any conferencing application.
  • SIP 2.0 compliant VoIP: Includes a web-configurable interface, two independent lines with multiple            call appearances, and support for popular codecs including G.722 HD, G.726, & G.711.
  • Front-Panel Display: Large 256 x 64 element OLED display and rotary knob for metering, viewing/changing IP settings and more.

All three EX Dante under-table endpoints feature PoE, daisy-chainable power and networking, multiple mounting options and a slim, high-density form factor that makes them suitable for mounting under conference tables. The two under-table microphone interfaces, the EX-4ML and EX-8ML (four and eight channels respectively), feature 48V phantom power as well as +12V LED power and three logic IO per channel (one in, two out), to interface with most types of analog conferencing microphones. The EX-UH Dante under-table endpoint extends conferencing use to include BYOD applications such as connecting mobile phones, laptops and telephone headsets using the built-in 3.5 mm TRRS analog jack, stereo-audio USB and RJ-9 connector.

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All components are configured and controlled with Bose ControlSpace Designer 5.0 software. ControlSpace Remote 2.1 has been upgraded to support the new EX and includes a dialer for creating a complete tablet-based user interface for conference rooms. Drivers for popular control systems are also available.

The ControlSpace EX system is being introduced at Integrated Systems Europe this week and we had a videocast to talk to Bose about it this month – you can see or listen to that here and see it on their website here.