Oblong Just Launched a Collaboration Board System Too, in New Mezzanine Teamwork

Oblong Industries today announced the launch of Mezzanine Teamwork, a collaboration solution for huddle spaces and small meeting rooms. It’s a HUB that can be connected to any display – sort of like a cross between a Barco ClickShare and a Cisco Spark Board.

Using a 3D tracking system, the Mezzanine Teamwork uses the Oblong Mezzanine Appliance with screen-mounted IR tags, a bluetooth access point, and a wireless wand control device to control the room, the content on the display as well as track meeting participants (to auto-switch for far-site participants) to simplify all-room control. Teamwork includes built-in videoconferencing, wireless collaboration, far-site collaboration, whiteboarding and annotation as well as an endless digital canvas for content to be shared. This is all connected to the network as well as to a display (55” or larger).

Users can join via video, iOS device, Android device, Windows or MAC OS laptops and the Mezzanine Appliance (that’s the hub of the room) takes up to 10 total connections at the same time (four can be HDMI sources (1080p or 720p), one is an IP camera connection and the other five are simultaneous video-streams (via the network) for remote or local participants. The Appliance OS is Ubuntu 16.04 and has an integrated 512 GB solid-state drive for content storage and management. It is then connected to up to two things simultaneously — one output is HDMI and the other is USB-C and cab be anything from a whiteboard to an other display (up to 1080p).

Here’s more information.