Oblong Industries’ ISE 2019 Plans

Oblong Industries will take part in its fifth consecutive year at Integrated Systems Europe, from February 5-8 in Amsterdam. In Oblong Europe stand 11-B140 the Oblong Europe team will be showcasing latest updates to the company’s Mezzanine Room Series for enterprise meetings.

All Mezzanine Room Series solutions will now benefit from the new Mezzanine application that will debut at ISE 2019. The Mezzanine app was developed by uniting the features and functions of the Mezzanine Screencast app for screen sharing with the Mezzanine web interface for room, participant and content control. The Mezzanine app is now available for download to Mac and PC; it is one of several modes of control for a Mezzanine meeting and a complement to the proprietary wand device for gesture control of rooms and content streams.

The new Mezzanine app features three distinct views based on the user’s need for sharing content and controlling the meeting experience. Most users will interact with the Mini View, a compact window focused on meeting and content sharing functions. Users can wirelessly present and upload content, as well as start, end and invite others to meetings. When users need to control the presentation and layout of on-screen content in the shared visual workspace, they will work in the Layout View. This view is a “what you see is what you get” user interface that lets users present, dismiss, and change the location and scale of shared streams and images on screens with simple click and drag controls. It’s the closest laptop equivalent to the scaling and presentation control users have with the gesture wand. Focus View rounds out the view options by providing the means to single out a particular content or conferencing stream in a larger window for closer look, which is particular useful for meeting participants working remotely on a laptop.

Remote participants using the Mezzanine app can choose to view the video conferencing stream or any shared live streams at full screen. If remote users would like to see or control how others see content in a Mezzanine room, they can also access the Layout View.

Content — and control of it in multiple streams from multiple sources — is the primary advantage of Mezzanine. Where most videoconferencing tools focus on faces and voices, and perhaps a single stream of shared content, Mezzanine allows up to 10 separate streams per room simultaneously, providing meeting participants the opportunity to see and share important information side by side. This is essential for complex and distributed global organizations that need to make valuable data and content a central part of business decision-making. Oblong’s dynamic Mezzanine platform provides the common digital workspace for meeting participants to share data, surface insights and collaborate more effectively from wherever they are.

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) is the largest pro-AV and electronic systems trade show in the world with nearly 1,300 exhibitors and more than 80,000 international attendees. Delegates at ISE are invited to experience Mezzanine first-hand which uniquely unites teams for multi-stream collaboration globally. Oblong Industries is located on stand 11-B140. To book a demo visit here.