Oblong Adds More Sub-$50K Mezzanine Systems

Oblong Industries today announced an expanded product range and series naming convention for its flagship immersive visual collaboration solution, Mezzanine. Along with hardware and software innovations that drive the entry price point for a full Mezzanine solution below $50,000, Oblong is adding seamless integrations with popular enterprise utilities including calendaring and Skype for Business.

Mezzanine is now offered in three new, smaller configurations all at the sub-$50,000 price category.

Mezzanine 200 Series: This dual screen configuration for small to medium sized teaming rooms that delivers collaboration concurrently with up to 10 shared devices, gestural interaction and real-time control by multiple participants are now available in a familiar form factor.

Mezzanine 300 Series: While many conferencing systems provide only one content channel, Mezzanine 300 uses a three-screen configuration. The Mezzanine 300’s shared workspace matches that of their flagship Series 600 and 650 solutions, allowing customers to extend the immersive Mezzanine experience to satellite offices at a lower cost. Mezzanine 300 is fully upgradeable to Mezzanine 600 Series. The 300 Series will be added here after InfoComm.

Mezzanine 600 Series: Beyond the practical benefits of the three-screen primary workspace shared across locations, and the three-screen secondary workspace for those in the room, the “wow” factor of the large multi-dimensional workspace makes a strong impression during presentations. This six-screen Mezzanine configuration features new spatial tracking technology that requires no room remediation; new in-room server options reduce cost and installation complexity. The 600 Series is here.

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