NYDSW: NEC Display Partners Introduce Their Signal Processing Solutions at the New York Showcase


At the New York Digital Signage Week, several manufacturers presented their signal processing solutions and integration with NEC at the NEC New York Partner Showcase.

Green Hippo showed off its AViary range of dedicated installation products.

Datapath introduced the iolite controller and and wall control software.

Atlona talked about their soft codec integration transmitter and receiver kit.

Atlona also explained their single and double channel encoders and decoders, as well as their transceiver box.

Clockaudio showed some of their problem solvers.

Intevi demonstrated how to allow distribution of audio and video over IP, while providing your own branding and template around the video.

Attero Tech talked about their solutions for bluetooth connectivity.

Attero Tech introduced their solution for wireless monitoring.

Also, Attero Tech showed off their stereo bluetooth receiver.