Nureva Updates Jira Software Integration In Span Workspace

Nureva Jira integration in Nureva Span WorkspaceNureva has announced an update to the Jira software integration with Span Workspace, Nureva’s expansive cloud-based digital canvas for visual planning and collaboration. Jira issues that are represented by digital sticky notes in a Span canvas can now be updated either in Jira or in Span Workspace, and the changes will be synchronized between the two platforms. In August, Nureva announced a one-way sync from Span Workspace to Jira Software, helping development teams visualize sprints by using their personal devices or shared displays to create Jira issues in a Span canvas using notes and groups. This eliminated the inefficiencies associated with transcribing paper sticky notes and adding them to Jira. The two-way sync provided by this second phase of the integration makes it even easier to plan and visualize workflows in Span Workspace while continuing to manage project details in Jira.

The integration of Jira software with Span Workspace allows agile teams to visualize Jira issues in a way that assists with planning activities, team engagement and collaboration. Because it’s a cloud-based platform designed for real-time teamwork, it also allows geographically dispersed teams to work together in a shared digital space. Distributed participants can quickly contribute to every sprint planning session, stand-up meeting and retrospective as if they were together in the same room, without compromising teamwork or the agile process. This greatly accelerates the process and overcomes many of the challenges associated with distributed agile teams.

View a demo video of Span Workspace with Jira integration from InfoComm 2019 below:

The full Jira integration is available now at no additional cost to Span Workspace subscribers that have an active user account in Jira Cloud or Jira Server. Here are more details.