Nureva Is Ready to Sign Up Dealers

nureva-0815Nureva announced yesterday that it’s ready to set up a dealer channel in North America. The company offers a compelling proposition for dealers who are focused on building markets for new products that is based on three components — innovative products, strong financial rewards and integrated team approach. The financial rewards recognize the active market-development activities that dealers must undertake to develop awareness of and demand for Nureva products. A hallmark of the dealer program is Nureva’s commitment to working closely with dealers to ensure their success.

Nureva recently introduced the Span ideation system at InfoComm in Orlando, Fla., to positive market reaction. The system draws upon familiar, simple and flexible tools already widely used in paper-based ideation, including sticky notes, images, sketches and flip charts. The Span ideation system received our Best of InfoComm Award for 2015, in fact. The system will begin shipping later this month.

“Recruiting and enabling dealers who not only have a significant customer base but who are also willing and able to do the necessary market-pioneering work will be key for us,” said Nancy Knowlton, Nureva’s CEO. “Our singular focus is on working closely with dealers, particularly in the early stages, to ensure their success.”

Dealers interested in exploring the opportunity can connect with Fred Arneodo, vice president of North American sales, at 587.779.7761 or via email here.

And, if you aren’t sure what it is, go here.