Nureva Intros Console, a Cloud-Based Product Management Platform, Adds Mac Support

nureva hdl200On the heels releasing a new mic-array/speaker-bar combo, the HDL200, Nureva has also introduced Console. Console is a cloud-based platform for organizations to manage their Nureva audio conferencing systems across multiple locations, from a single dashboard. Nureva Console combines a web client that installs on Windows and Mac meeting room computers and a cloud-based dashboard that can be accessed remotely. Together, they provide a platform to enroll, configure and maintain every Nureva audio system. As a byproduct, you now can configure any HDL system using a Mac computer, too.

From Nureva Console, IT managers can remotely determine the state of a Nureva audio system to see if it is set as the default audio device, if the firmware is up to date and whether it is powered and connected to a computer. System information, such as model details and serial numbers, is also available. Once a Nureva audio system is enrolled through Nureva Console, customers receive an additional year of warranty, from two years to three. Looking forward, Nureva Console provides the infrastructure for deep integration between Nureva audio and other third-party solutions. New functionality will be added to Nureva Console frequently. For example, in the near term, IT managers can integrate their room booking and room control systems with Nureva’s new HDL200 system from Nureva Console.

Additional features:

  • Mac and Windows support: IT managers can now control, configure and update Nureva audio systems on Mac and Windows computers
  • Device status dashboard: In a single view, the Nureva Console dashboard provides users with information on all Nureva audio systems.
  • Remote device management and control: Nureva audio systems can be managed remotely from a single dashboard to determine the state of each system. Information includes default device status, firmware version, power status and system details.
  • Remote firmware updates: In the spring, IT managers will be able to update Nureva audio firmware from Nureva Console and preschedule the updates for a convenient time outside of meetings.
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Nureva Console will be available to all Nureva audio conferencing customers at no additional cost at the end of February and here are all the details.

Here’s a video of Nureva, VP of products, Rob Abbott explaining Console and the new HDL200: