Nureva HDL410 Audio Conferencing System Now Integrates With PTZOptics Move 4K, Link 4K Cameras


Nureva announced that its HDL410 audio conferencing system now integrates with PTZOptics Move 4K and Link 4K cameras. Using Nureva’s sound location device API, available through the Nureva Developer Toolkit, the integration allows coordinate-based sound location data from the Nureva HDL410 system to steer the PTZOptics 4K cameras accurately and smoothly to where people are speaking in the room. The firmware is installed on the cameras, removing the need for additional third-party software or hardware to steer them. The HDL410’s sound location data improves camera views across a larger, crowded boardroom or classroom, where face and body tracking can often be challenging. This camera tracking solution creates an enhanced remote collaboration experience by focusing on the active talker and eliminating the need to configure lobes mapped to camera presets. The integration is available for PTZOptics’ third-generation cameras through a firmware update that’s currently in beta.

Multi-camera solutions are a growing requirement in larger spaces, where IT teams are tasked with creating a more inclusive experience for remote participants. PTZOptics joins the expanding ecosystem of third-party cameras that employ Nureva’s next-generation Microphone Mist technology to make automated steering and switching more accurate. Sound data is reported several times per second to enable automatic camera adjustments based on the locations of the talker or multiple talkers. This ensures perfect camera positioning and an enhanced experience for remote participants.