Nureva Audio Manager Adds New Functionality to the HDL300

Nureva Inc. announces the Nureva audio manager, software for the HDL300 audio conferencing system that automatically detects and performs updates to the HDL300 system’s firmware and to the audio manager itself. This means that HDL300 system customers will always have the latest advancements in the system’s Microphone Mist technology, which simultaneously processes audio from 8,192 virtual microphones that fill the meeting space.

This is the first of a planned series of enhancements to the HDL300 system.  The Nureva audio manager provides a hassle-free mechanism for ongoing and automatic enhancements to the HDL300 system. In addition to automatic updates, which customers can turnoff, the audio manager will provide adjustable settings including an audio equalizer, audio processing levels and other settings for interoperability with third-party devices. This will give customers more control of their audio experience.

An update with the additional functionality and adjustable settings will be available in spring 2018. Here are more details.