Nureva Adds In-Demand Functionality (and PDFs) to Span Workspace


Nureva has announced new features and enhancements to Span Workspace, the company’s cloud-based solution for collaborative teams. This latest update enables users to import and interact with multipage PDF documents in a Span canvas. Span canvases are more easily shared with people inside and outside of an organization with a new guest user feature. New note functionality enables users to control the size of text, add more characters and ink over text in notes. A redesign of the personal tray on the Span app gives users more vertical canvas space for content. Visitors toISE 2019 in Amsterdam February 5-8 can experience a hands-on demo of the new functionality in Span Workspace on Nureva’s stand 11-B180.

These new features are a direct response to the needs of Span Workspace users who regularly work with note and card-based processes such as lean, agile, design thinking and facilitated business planning. The new features will make it even easier for them to adopt the solution without the need to change their current process. Throughout 2019, Nureva will continue to roll out new functionality and third-party integrations that support digital transformation and deliver process efficiencies and improved team engagement.

Additional features include:

Import PDF documents. Once a PDF document has been imported into a Span canvas, users can:

  • move the document anywhere on the canvas, including adding it to a group;
  • navigate through the pages of a document and annotate on any page;
  • resize and duplicate the document with annotations;
  • and capture any page within the document, along with the annotations.

Share canvases. Guest users that are outside of a Span subscription can be easily invited to a Span canvas. Once invited, guests will be able to:

  • collaborate in the Span canvas at no cost;
  • have the ability to post and edit content.
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New note functionality added. The digital sticky note has been a core feature of Span Workspace. The new note functionality includes the ability to:

  • select from three preset text sizes (small, medium, large);
  • fit up to five lines of text in a note or approximately 110 characters;
  • add both text and ink to a single note;
  • and pin notes, as well as sketches.

Personal tray added. Users enjoy the opportunity to gather their thoughts and content in the personal tray before sharing to a Span canvas. To improve usability, the personal tray has been redesigned to:

  • optimize available canvas area for collaboration;
  • create fluid open and close animations.

The new features will be available in Span Workspace in March 2019 at no additional charge to subscribers. The Span is here.