NSCA Changes Leadership

nsca-logo-0614The NSCA Board of Directors has elected new officers to their executive committee, who will assume their roles today. Michael Hester, NSCA treasurer and managing partner for Beacon Communications, was elected as the new president of the NSCA Board of Directors. Hester takes over for Ingolf de Jong, president and principal partner of General Communications, who assumed the role of NSCA president in 2012. de Jong will continue to serve on the executive committee as immediate past president.

Ray Bailey, president of Lone Star Communications, will assume the role of vice president, replacing Genesis Integration President Kelly McCarthy. Josh Shanahan, president of Sport View Technologies, will assume the combined role of NSCA secretary/treasurer. McCarthy continues to serve as a director of the organization.

“I’m passionate about our industry, and the goals we have for NSCA: to improve and grow integration businesses,” says Hester. “Through NSCA, we have the opportunity to raise the level of the industry. In this role, I’m very excited to recognize the suppliers and companies that have been a big part of our industry for years. We’re ready to work with them and prepare together for our new customers, who will be very sophisticated and very smart.”

Mike-Hester-of-Beacon-Communications-0614Over the next year, Hester will help NSCA focus on key areas of industry change and ensuring that NSCA is the resource for systems integrators.

Paul Cronin of Atrion, Catherine Shanahan of Shanahan Sound, and Ron Pusey of Communication Specialists will end their NSCA board member terms. Pusey will continue his industry service as a new member of the NSCA Education Foundation Board. serving alongside Shanahan, who holds a director position. New to the NSCA Education Foundation Board is Stephen Kohler of Shure Inc. Kohler begins his first term on the NSCA Education Foundation Board. Pusey has served on this board in prior years, and will focus his efforts on the annual golf outing held in conjunction with the Business & Leadership Conference, where he serves as event chairman. Cronin will also continue to serve on the content planning committee for the Business & Leadership Conference.

Those beginning their first term as new NSCA Board of Directors include:

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