NowSignage’s CMS Now Added as a BrightSign BSN.Cloud Integrated Partner brightsign nowsignage

NowSignage‘s CMS has been added as a BrightSign Integrated Partner. The platform is a free subscription included with every BrightSign device that allows users to remotely manage their BrightSign device and to install the NowSignage digital signage CMS application. NowSignage already has a compatible application for BrightSign that is deployed across many industry sectors including retail, corporate, education, healthcare, industrial and QSR, however this latest development allows it to be used in the Control Cloud to manage BrightSign players to:

  • View and monitor real-time player health from any location
  • Real-time access to player diagnostics and controls
  • Perform remote reboots and provide BrightSign OS updates
  • Initiate remote snapshots to see what’s playing on-screen

All NowSignage features work out-of-the-box across the entire range of BrightSign players.