Nothing goes away on the Internet

I was explaining to a friend the other day that nothing on the Internet ever really disappears. This is been the subject of a number of posts on this blog, including posts by myself, by Gary, and by many of the bloggers. I really can’t stress this enough, and I am constantly warning friends never to post anything that they wouldn’t want to be seen by the general public. The news is full of stories of people whose tweets or blog posts “got out”,  and who have been embarrassed by them.

So I was unsurprised to find out that the greatest insult to our industry lives on on YouTube. In the early 90s when low resolution graphics  “interactive adventures”  ruled the gaming shelves there was an adventure game called the “Search for the King”.  In it, an employee of a television network decides to try to solve their contest puzzle,  which has an amazing reward for the first person to find Elvis.  And the employee turns out to be the corporate A/V guy.

At the time, I attempted to get all of my friends in the industry to boycott the publisher of this game. Not only did they give the A/V guy a bowtie, a basement office, and a really wimpy look, but they gave him a name that indicated their attitude towards people in our profession.

They named him “Les Manley”.

I’m still mad about this one. I think we need a concerted campaign to change the image of the professionals in our industry.

Listening, InfoComm?