NorthVision to Demo VisionShare Transmitter/Receiver at ISE 2020

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NorthVision will be at ISE 2020 again to demo its VisionShare 60G WirelessHD HDMI transmitter/receiver and its new security features, including:

  • As WirelessHD doesn’t require any internet connection and cannot be found in the Wi-Fi searching list, it is not possible to hack into the presentation you are transmitting.
  • All content in VisionShare system is protected through HDCP and DTCP encryption. Unique and private keys encrypt all raw data being transmitted for protection from both ends.
  • There’s zero interference from other Wi-Fi frequencies.
  • Through beam-forming technology, there are no broadcast signals that can be tracked. All signals are kept in the room where VisionShare system is installed.
  • VisionShare only allows one-to-one connection, which means that there is only one device able to connect with the receiver through the WirelessHD network. Any interruption by any other device and the signal will discontinue immediately.
  • VisionShare has built a unique code; other devices running on 60 Gigahertz are not able to connect or interfere with the VisionShare system.
  • VisionShare connects to either HDMI or USB-C ports to send signals wirelessly.

Here’s more information about NorthVision and VisionShare.

Here’s a video of VisionShare from NorthVision at ISE 2020: