North American Digital Signage Index Decreases by 4.24 Percent in the Fourth Quarter

ds-platt-0314As the digital communications network industry continues to expand, there is a growing demand to measure activity from period to period. To address this need, the Platt Retail Institute began compiling the North American Digital Signage Index (NADSI) in the fourth quarter of 2009.

The Index is published quarterly and presents a single industry composite measure. In addition, activity in major industry sub-segments, such as software, Digital Out-of-Home networks, and captive networks is presented. The Index focuses on several areas including the current level of business activity and the view for the industry’s prospects.

The Index is an important source of market information. It provides an indication of market performance and serves as a guide for industry vendors and end users in their internal planning processes. The Index also compares the industry with other macro-economic activity measures including GDP. Regular repetition of this survey yields results that create news and raise broader awareness for the industry.

The fourth quarter 2013 North American Digital Signage Index reported a 4.24 percent decrease from the third quarter 2013 Index. The report includes 25 charts and graphs, along with a review and commentary about industry trends.

Download the Q4 2013 Index here.