Nortek and Core Brands Merge, Duh

Nortek Security & Control and Core Brands today announced a merger (something that they should have done YEARS ago) that combines the two companies. It’s a logical merger as the smart home and security markets have been merged into one for almost eight years now.

The combined company, operating as Nortek Security & Control (NSC), is going to be headed by Mike O’Neal.

“The combination of NSC and Core Brands helps us serve our customers with an unparalleled suite of solutions for the residential and commercial control, security, entertainment, access and personal wellness markets.” NSC President Mike O’Neal said today. “Joe Roberts and I share a strong commitment to our customers, which will guide the innovation we develop into our products, services and programs.”

Nortek reported that Core Brands former president, Joe Roberts, will assume responsibility for driving product vision across the combined company as Executive Vice President of Marketing & Innovation for the new NSC. “The market is demanding a broader range of solutions that work better together across product categories, and this is a major focus of our innovation. In particular, our 2GIG and ELAN integration creates opportunities that perfectly address the connected smart home market and the evolving needs of our customers.”

Nortek is here and Core Brands is here.