Nortek Control Introduces Proficient Protege Rock and Planter Loudspeakers

Nortek Control Proficient Protege rock and planter loudspeakersNortek Control introduced the Proficient Protege rock and planter loudspeakers that are designed to blend into their surroundings while bringing speaker sound to outdoor spaces. The two new Proficient rock speakers (PAS-RS6 and PAS-RS8i) are available in granite, speckled granite, sandstone and shale brown. The new planter speaker (PAS-PS6Si) comes in a natural weathered concrete finish and is designed to be used with live plants. The new Proficient outdoor speakers join the Proficient Protege Series and are available worldwide from authorized distributors.

Each durably crafted Proficient outdoor speaker cabinet comes with shaped low-diffraction MicroPerf aluminum grilles to maintain a realistic look and create an acoustically transparent sound experience. For enhanced audio performance, the exclusive ConeForward design positions the drivers close to the grilles to improve midrange intelligibility. Additionally, the planter speaker features an innovative movable tweeter assembly that adjusts the sound dispersion from 180 degrees for placement in open areas to 90 degrees for corners.

The Proficient Protege outdoor rock and planter speakers are now available here.