Niles Intros In-Wall Soundbar

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Niles Cynema SoundfieldToday Niles launched the industry’s first in-wall soundbar, called the CynemaSoundfield, that the company says can be perfectly centered under flat-panel displays without the hassle of cutting or drilling wall studs. The Cynema Soundfield system is available in three active models and one passive model in lengths of 48, 55 and 65 inches — paralleling today’s most popular display sizes. The in-wall soundbar consists of left, right and center self-contained speaker modules and includes a preamp/amplifier module for the powered models. Powered models also include a separate low voltage power supply – easily mounted in a stud bay adjacent to a wall outlet or behind the display – to eliminate the need for high-voltage wiring in the wall and the electrician required to do it.

Cynema Soundfield’s speaker and amplifier modules easily snap in from the front into rails mounted on the wall’s studs, and can be adjusted between the studs as needed to achieve the best soundfield. Installers can configure the mounting positions of each speaker module and the amplifier around existing studs with ease. The speaker and amplifier modules have small foldable L-shaped brackets on each side to enable the installer to temporarily hang the modules on the in-wall mounting system’s rails, freeing up both hands and making the speaker and amplifier connection terminals easy to see and connect. Wiring is run through specially designed spaces in the mounting system to eliminate the need to drill holes in the studs. Included spacers can be inserted to cover any empty areas between modules for a clean installation. A low-profile, magnetically attached, and paintable MicroPerf grille makes the entire assembly virtually invisible to end users for a clean look.

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Included with the CSF-65A, CSF-55A and CSF-48A amplified models is a three-channel by 30 watt digital preamp/amplifier with Dolby Digital processing. The preamp/amplifier module can be operated via IR for simple integration and auto-senses audio input to function as a seamless extension of the TV’s remote control. The amplified Cynema Soundfield systems incorporate versatile design features that enable them to work effortlessly as part of a whole-house distributed audio system and connect wirelessly with Nilessubwoofers. The passive CSF-48P does not include an amplifier module, allowing integrators to utilize any form of amplification for added flexibility.

The Cynema Soundfield passive model contains three speaker modules, one in-wall mounting system with grille, and one cutout template for the in-wall mounting system. The three powered models contain one preamp/amplifier module, one in-wall power supply unit with AC power cord, one cutout template for the in-wall power supply box, one Niles SW-T bracket for mounting an optional Niles SW-T wireless subwoofer transmitter, one 3-meter TOSLINK optical cable, one stereo 3.5-millimeter to dual RCA cable, one 1.5-meter DC power cable for the optional wireless transmitter and three speaker wires for the left, center and right speaker modules.

The Cynema Soundfield system is now shipping at a list price of $1,195.95 for the CSF-48P, $1,599.95 for the CSF-48A, $1,749.95 for the CSF-55A and $1,999.95 for the CSF-65A.

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