Nialli Announces Collaboration With Lean Construction Consultant Unified Works

nialli unified works

Nialli Inc., a visual collaboration company, announces an alliance with lean construction consultant Unified Works Inc., focused on Nialli Visual Planner, the company’s digital pull planning tool for lean construction. Unified Works is established in lean construction working with a myriad of construction companies to implement lean strategies and most recently, to migrate their processes into the digital realm. The combination of the two companies’ offerings — software, hardware and consulting expertise — is at the heart of the alliance. Nialli Visual Planner is a cloud-based application modeled after the widely used the Last Planner System, a production control process for lean construction that follows principles such as just-in-time delivery, value stream mapping and pull planning. Nialli Visual Planner can be used by all project stakeholders on any device and from any location, providing the flexibility of having any combination of colocated and remote participants during planning sessions.

Unified Works, Inc. is a lean coach for the construction industry, specializing in building better teams that build better buildings. The company trains and guides owners, designers, contractors and vendors — making sure every effort counts toward efficient completion of the project. It is this experience and perspective that they will apply to support their customers in their adoption of transformative digital tools.

“This collaboration with Nialli will provide construction teams with a better way to blend the sociological, psychological and physical elements of completing jobs through a captivating, technological experience,” said Rich Seiler, chief improvement officer of Unified Works, Inc. “We are no longer constrained by physical space, manpower in the room or materials to implement lean principles to visually and collaboratively plan and manage projects, and we’re not constrained to Big Rooms for Big Projects only. This alliance greatly expands access to the full lean toolkit for projects from smallest to the biggest.”

“Unified Works offers a depth of knowledge and experience that compliments Nialli’s expertise in developing digital tools for the construction industry,” said Nancy Knowlton, Nialli’s CEO. “We are delighted to align with Unified Works as we both work on the digital transformation of key processes in lean construction.”