Nexus 21 Introduces Speakeasy Poker Table with Disappearing Bar

nexus21-pokertable-1015Display lift company Nexus 21 just launched the lift-activated Speakeasy Poker Table, a nifty product that presents a new revenue opportunity for CE integrators. The Speakeasy offers guests not just a poker table, but also a concealed whiskey and spirit bar that comes up from the center of the table. It will debut at CEDIA Expo 2015 in Dallas.

The Speakeasy Poker Table is made from American hardwoods and integrates a Nexus 21 telescoping lift system in its base. At the touch of a hidden button (or remote touchpad or controller), a fully concealed revolving whiskey and spirit bar emerges from under the top of the table, as well as a poker chip vault and card storage area. The Speakeasy ships fully assembled with just the table top needing to be attached after delivery. It can be delivered direct to the client if desired.

The tables are currently in production and are built to order based on a customer’s selection of wood and textiles. Here are the specs.