NewTek Adds PTZ3 UHD — Claiming to Be the Only 4Kp60 Camera on Market

newtek ptz3 uhd

NewTek added to its PTZ family of cameras with the PTZ3 UHD. The PTZ3 UHD claims to be the only 4Kp60 camera on the market that offers both professional audio and ultra-high-definition video — all built on the foundation of NDI.

The PTZ3 UHD allows video professionals, technology managers and AV system designers to elevate video production by easily bringing 4Kp60 UHD video and professional audio, combined with control and tally, by using the network and simultaneously streamlining integration and installation by incorporating power over Ethernet (PoE).

For the first time in a UHD camera from NewTek, Professional XLR audio input runs with equipment such as microphones, mixers, amplifiers and soundboards. The Professional XLR integration offers clean, balanced audio directly from the camera into the NDI network, so the audio maintains the highest fidelity for customers and integrators.

The PTZ3 UHD takes pan/tilt/zoom quality to a new level with improved movement between camera presets. Ease-in and ease-out movements deliver seamless, smooth transitions for a natural production “without jittery or stuttering movements.”

Constructed with NDI at its core, the PTZ3 UHD “guarantees the tightest integration with any NewTek live production system and any NDI workflow:”