New VP-8x8A From Kramer Adds Audio Capabilities

Kramer Electronics announced the VP-8x8A computer graphics video matrix switcher, with both balanced and unbalanced stereo audio capability for each input.  The VP-8x8A is an updated version of the Kramer VP-8×8 with the stereo audio capability added.

The Kramer VP-8x8A is a 350 MHz high bandwidth matrix switcher for computer graphics video signals with resolutions ranging from VGA through UXGA on 15-pin HD connectors with both balanced and unbalanced stereo audio.  It is a true matrix switcher capable of routing any input to any or all outputs simultaneously.  Each input and each output accept both a balanced stereo audio signal on terminal block connectors as well as an unbalanced stereo audio signal on a 3.5mm mini plug connector.  The unit has a recessed level control for each audio input and there are audio output controls (+ and -) on the front panel with a 7 segment LED readout of the relative audio output in dBs.

A unique feature of the VP-8x8A is that it can automatically sense the presence of a signal at each input and will display the available input signal’s presence by lighting up the corresponding input button on the front panel.  This is Kramer’s Active Input Indication reporting feature.   Another significant feature of the VP-8×8 is Video Follow Sync switching that allows the user to add up to 3.5 seconds of delay, in increments of 0.5 seconds, to the switching of the video portions of the input signal to provide smooth switching between sources.

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