New Valet Amplifier by Origin Acoustics Links Music Sources Through Alexa Voice Control

Origin Acoustics has announced its foray into the world of voice controlled audio systems. The Valet amplifier integrates seamlessly with the Amazon Echo Dot to create a simple, interactive four-zone system. Featuring eight 75-watt channels, the Valet amp can be connected to a broad range of speakers and provide the power necessary to drive them to substantial volume levels.

Each of the four stereo zones sports an RJ45 connection that sends power to the Dot over a standard CAT5 cable and also returns the audio signal to the amplifier via a proprietary balun. Taking advantage of the Dot’s audio output allows both music and Alexa’s voice to play through the room’s loudspeakers.

Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and TuneIn libraries can all be accessed and played through the system directly from the Dot. External sources can also be played through the system and the Valet’s Patent Pending muting circuit will mute the source when Alexa is addressed and unmute when the appropriate action is completed. There is also a twelve-volt trigger for each zone that will allow for additional activation of third party devices upon Alexa being addressed.

Aesthetically blending the Dot into the room is made easy utilizing Origin’s patented Tool-less mounting system. The Dot can be ceiling mounted behind a perforated 3-inch speaker grille making it virtually invisible in the room but easily voice activated. Up to four Dot’s can be incorporated and since the Dots communicate with each other the entire home becomes an interactive playground.

The Valet amplifier will retail for $1,500 and will include the baluns necessary to integrate with the Echo Dot. Here are all the specs.