New USB to Audio Decoder from Gefen Outputs 192k High Resolution Analog or Digital Audio from a USB Port

gefen-logoOrlando, FL — The new GefenTV USB to Audio Decoder provides a simple, easy and affordable way to output high quality sound from any laptop or desktop computer using the USB port. This small footprint product fits in the palm of your hand and offers up to 192kHz high-resolution audio quality.

The USB to Audio Decoder outputs optical digital audio or left/right stereo audio streaming from the USB port on the computer or laptop. A digital interpolation filter and digital to analog (DAC) converter are built into the product to strengthen its performance.

“Anyone wanting a bigger, more dynamic range of audio quality from their computer will appreciate the plug and play simplicity and solid sound quality of this device,” said Hagai Gefen, president, Gefen. “The audio is superb without any audio noise or interference so you won’t hear the buzzing that you may hear when using typical PC audio outputs.”

The USB to Audio Decoder is ideal for use in meeting rooms, small offices, student dorms or anywhere you want to appreciate a strong sound coming from a computer-based audio source. Installation is simple and easy: you connect the USB to Audio Decoder in between your computer’s USB port and your audio amplifier using separate analog and digital audio cables. Additional features include a separate plug for headphones, which is very convenient for DJs and sound engineers.

A live demonstration is available at booth 3931 so attendees can sample the product and judge for themselves the excellent audio quality of the USB to Audio Decoder.

About Gefen:

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