New tvONE CORIOmaster Adds Security, HDMI Scalability, IP Streaming and Audio Support


tvONE has already started shipping its new CORIOmaster (4RU), CORIOmaster mini (1RU) and CORIOmaster micro (1/2 RU) video wall processors. These originally debuted at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) show in Amsterdam in February.

There are some unique features on this new family of video wall processors, the first of which is that they include a secure communication suite with full REST API and multi-user control that is designed to protect it from outside interference. As security becomes more of a concern as more and more devices are networked, this is critical.

Second, there is a four-port HDMI output module that allows for upgrading any CORIOmaster to accommodate up to 56 outputs for giant-sized video walls, projector edge-blending applications and huge LED installs. The video wall market has graduated well beyond the 4×4 and 8×4 install configurations and with this module, you can build walls that accommodate up to 56 displays simultaneously and ether spread out the content across all the displays or send different content to each display.

Third, with interactivity accelerating in the video wall space, the CORIOmaster series also has embedded audio support and a dedicated audio module.

And, finally, an IP streaming module now accepts both H.264 and H.265 (HEVC) for higher quality, increased bandwidth performance and includes an ultra-low latency mode for mission-critical installs.

These all-in-one system solutions can manage up to four canvases for supporting multiple video walls, while also performing various other video tasks simultaneously, including: audio, real-time 360 video rotations, multi-image processing and rotation and edge blending.

By the way, if you already have a CORIOmaster installed, you can actually download the CORIOmaster & CORIOmaster mini’s latest firmware update, here.

All the specs on the new processors are here.