New Sharp 1080p LCD TVs About an Inch Thick With Million-to-One Contrast

At Sharp’s CEDIA press conference, the company showed a number of new flat-panels but most impressive among them were the new 1080p Limited Edition TVs. These are available in 52- and 65-inch sizes and use a new 10-bit Advanced Super View LCD panel that allows it to be just an inch thick at its slimmest section. Adding to that is Sharp says the RGB-LED backlight system yields 150 percent NTSC color gamut and get this: 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. In addition, Sharp joined with Pioneer to develop a thin-design speaker system using Sharp’s 1-bit digital amplifier.

Seeing these in person was quite a sight. They were positioned on either side of the stage with Sharp’s other panels between them on the back wall. These two new panels had such amazing color, it made the others look washed out. The thin form factor, too, had everyone at the press conference snapping side-view photos.

ne way they kept these slim are by providing a separate AVC system set-top box for the inputs. That connects to the TV via HDMI, or using an optional wireless connection. In total, these have five HDMI inputs and dual HD component terminals.

Pricing and ship dates will be announced later.